3 Inspiring Ways To Use Your Condo Den

When you move into a new condo, having a plan for every room is the best way to ensure your space starts feeling like home quickly. 

Laying out and decorating your living room or bedroom typically comes more naturally, while plans for the condo den or flex space often fall by the wayside. How many times have you seen a friend use it as a less-than-functional home office or in the same way they’d use a storage locker? 

To prevent this space from being underutilized or just a plain old eyesore, here are three ideas as inspiration for your condo den: 

1. An ergonomic home office 

The last 3 years have taught us the importance of maintaining a well-organized home office. While more condo buildings have co-working space amenities, the key to success is creating a space that works for you and your unique needs. 

Invest in an ergonomic chair (your back will thank you!) and desk with storage space to avoid having items pile up in your workspace. Make sure you consider your view while you’re working too. Is there an opportunity to face a window even if it’s in another part of your unit? If not, hang some inspiring art that either keeps you motivated or relaxes you on a stressful day.

2. A quiet meditation room or reading nook

Need a moment of Zen after a long work day? Create a space where you can relax, practice meditation or yoga, or just kick back with a good book. Your living room should be your space for entertaining guests, watching TV, and doing other more active tasks. You can make this calming, thoughtfully designed room entirely your own with décor that comforts you without needing to worry about multiple uses or what guests will think.

3. A walk-in closet 

No matter the size of your condo, you could probably use some extra storage space. Instead of letting your den become a storage room over time, lean into it by creating a neatly organized and space efficient walk-in closet. 

You can purchase a couple free-standing closet systems that will elevate the space while taking some storage pressure off your bedroom and front hall closets.