Respect for the Land is at the Heart of Every Tercot Development

At Tercot, we Energize the Landscape by developing in a globally responsible way that prioritizes health and wellness and brings beauty to everyday life. By honouring the land that we cultivate, we’re ensuring that future generations will enjoy a world that has benefited from our dedicated work.

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Current Development

We Do Development Differently

From land acquisition and analysis, coordinating and expediting planning and design of projects to marketing and sales, Tercot has over 45 years of experience in real estate development.

At Tercot Communities, we take pride in looking at new, innovative ways of furthering our development projects through community engagement and open dialogue. We believe complete communities are the result of various perspectives, expertise, knowledge and experience. Through this collaborative work ethic, we are able to create complete modern ecosystems that complement and complete life in the locations we selectively choose to affix our name.

Past Development

Discover the breadth and depth of Tercot’s land development portfolio.

In our projects, preservation, conservation, technology, and our understanding of the needs of modern life and the environment, all play their part in creating communities that distinguish themselves as places developed with care, love, and the understanding that what comes next must be masterful, and within any landscape, a complement.


East Gwillimbury


7350 Markham Road


Nobleton South


Nobleton York


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Stouffville North

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