Prince Edward County

PEC Community Partners is an Ontario-based group of community builders including Tercot Communities. In 2021, the partnership purchased the Loch-Sloy Business Park and Picton Airport Lands comprising of approximately 750-acres in Prince Edward County, Ontario. The first priority is to revitalize the 750-acre site, a former World War II training base, which still houses original barracks and base facilities, now known and rebranded as Base31. Community engagement and collaboration will be central to shaping the future of the site. Base31 will be brought to life using the strategies and principles of creative placemaking to catalyze the revitalization and Energize the Landscape™ for generations to come.

Base31 is continuing to advance the adaptive re-use of the site’s heritage and plans to preserve as many buildings as possible.

Among the first capital projects undertaken by Base31 are three event venues: The Drill Hall, The Sergeants Mess Hall and The Lecture Hall that will start to bring new life to the site through concerts, festivals and events beginning in July of 2022. This site will serve as home to one of the nation’s largest revitalization projects.

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World War II heritage is at the heart of Base31. Preserving and protecting the historical efforts allows us to learn from the past, honour sacrifices and provide opportunities for education and reflection.

Base31 is all about


Discover the unique landscapes of Base31, join the walking tours and learn about our efforts on restoring biodiversity and natural ecosystems.

Base31 is all about


Take in a concert or festival, check out the galleries, experience public art and witness moments of surprise and spectacle at Base31

Base31 is all about


Watch the interplay of people and ideas, see the fruits of co-creation blossom, help create an utterly unique place and get a glimpse of what the future of Base31 can be.

Base31 is all about


Engage Base31 builders, fabricators, makers and visionaries. Support the emergence of a destination in progress by forming new partnerships, encourage collaboration and co-creation.


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