Tercot Communities is an award-winning real estate investment and development company with 40 years of experience. It concentrates on the strategic acquisition, planning and development of land in the residential, commercial and industrial markets of the Greater Toronto Area and Golden Horseshoe.

The company takes a long-term approach to land development, building communities for today and for the future. Tercot’s developments are comprehensively designed from the ground up to meet the needs of multiple community stakeholders, with a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Its integrated team of professionals offer a full range of development and portfolio management services. This includes navigating the challenging regulatory framework and development approvals process, and managing the entire land development process from acquisition to full build out. Tercot has extensive experience structuring complex land assembly and multi-party stakeholder acquisitions, based on collaborative alliances.

Through its proprietary research, acquisition, planning and development process, Tercot creates livable, innovative contemporary communities with high walk and transit scores. The company believes this is the optimal approach to ensuring successful, sustainable homes and neighbourhoods.

Community sustainability and long-term land stewardship have always been of paramount importance to Tercot Principal Joe Valela. His approach to land acquisition and development is reflected in the company name: Tercot.



It was during a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum exhibition of 10 life-size, 2,000-year-old terracotta warriors, painstakingly sculpted during the Qin Dynasty, that inspired Mr. Valela to call his company Tercot. He was so impressed by these perfectly preserved, finely detailed sculptures that he resolved to ensure that Tercot would become a leader in building sustainable communities. Upon further reflection, Mr. Valela saw the virtues of the Qin Dynasty – their leadership, community building, their ability to bring life and harmony to underdeveloped locations – as a vision Tercot Communities could strive for.

“Terracotta” translates literally as “baked earth,” and Mr. Valela was equally inspired by the coming together of these two words – terra and cotta – to create a cohesive, sustainable whole. The word "terra" is defined as “land or territory”, while "cotta", the method of baking to strengthen these materials, has been used throughout history to fabricate enduring pottery, bricks, tiles and sculptures - all of which contribute to everlasting communities. Hence the inspiration for the name Tercot Communities.

The terracotta warriors endured for millennia because a dedicated team took care to sculpt and build them with skill and precision to last for generations. With that approach in mind, Mr. Valela has assembled a team of people who are dedicated to sustainability. In the spirit of the creators of the terracotta warriors, these professionals execute every project with precision, attention to detail and integrity, balancing growth and high-quality projects with the needs of future generations.